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Deep Filler


High quality 1K primer filler

RETECH Deep Filler is a professional, highly efficient 1K aerosol primer filler designed for both areal and spot repairs of personal, commercial, public transport vehicles, and more. It stands out for its excellent adhesiveness to problematic PP composites with no surface treatment, as well as the vast majority of other rigid plastics where standard conventional fillers lose their efficiency. RETECH Deep Filler has also excellently adheres on metal surfaces and is fully compatible even with the latest generation of water soluble, as well as synthetic paints, both old and fresh. RETECH Deep Filler stands out for its excellent filling property of even the finest cracks and hollows, quick drying time, and high mechanical strength of the resulting cured surface.

  • Extraordinary adhesiveness
  • Excellent filling properties
  • High content of extra fine solid particles
  • Very quick drying time
  • Highly flexible surface resistant to cracks
Deep Filler