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ESD Cleaner


Highly efficient cleaning product, ESD certified according to EN / EIC61340 –CONCENTRATE.

RETECH ESD Cleaner is a professional cleaning product with ESD certification according to EN/EIC61340. It is industrially used to clean all surfaces where it is necessary to actively suppress electrostatic discharge which could damage sensitive parts, electrical components, and devices.
RETECH ESD Cleaner for ESD workplaces is suitable for washing and cleaning of any surface types such as metal, plastic, rubber, PVC, glass, ceramic, and more. It is specifically suitable for cleaning workshop equipment surfaces such as tools, production ware, workbenches, safety pads, storage shelves, all kinds of machinery, and other surfaces. Efficiently removes grease, deposits, fluid and flux stains, and more.

  • Suppresses electrostatic discharge
  • Efficiently removes grease, deposits, and fluid and flux stains
  • Prevents deterioration of surface’s dissipative properties
  • Repels dust
ESD Cleaner 5L