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Bicycle X-Torch


High-intensity dual bicycle torch.

Bicycle X-Torch is a professional high-performance bicycle torch with maximum luminous flux of 800 lm, reaching up to a distance of 180 m. It is equipped with one highly powerful LED Cree module OSRAM P8 for front distance lighting and two side COB modules for innovative illumination of the under-the-wheel blind spot. Various setting modes and lighting levels ensure the perfect view in different lighting and weather conditions. The torch body is made of durable aluminum and hardened plastic, ensuring maximum resistance to fall and IPX4 waterproof rating. Bicycle X-Torch is affixed to the handlebars via a directionally adjustable holder with a quick clip-on mechanism, allowing for comfortable removal and theft protection.

  • Innovative dual LED bicycle light
  • Very high luminosity of the front LED Cree module
  • Unique under-the-wheel “blind spot” illumination thanks to side LED COB modules
  • Directionally adjustable handlebar holder with a quick clip-on mechanism
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
Bicycle X-Torch

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Bicycle X-Torch Blister 1 A144

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