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Progun NEW


Air-driven application gun to be used in the application of the body sealantTechnoseal.

  • Can be used with both sprays and caterpillar applications
  • Quick installation and removal of cartridges
  • Easy setting of the sprayed structure
  • Robust construction
  • Can also be used with standard cartridges and \"sausages\"

Progun NEW

Product Packing Size Order No.
Progun NEW Box Sada R 34728
Inside nozzle 1.5 mm for RPGN Bag 1 pc R 34731
Těsnící kroužek k RPGN Bag 1 pc R 34730
Outside nozzle 3 mm for RPGN Bag 1 pc R 34732
NOZ-010 Sáček 20 R 34729

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