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Industrial Floor Cleaner


Highly efficient industrial floor cleaner - CONCENTRATE.

Industrial Floor Cleaner is an extra strong non-foaming cleaning product for quick and efficient industrial cleaning from fats, grease, tyre marks, aged soiling and other impurities. Can be used on a wide scale of industrial floor types including acrylate, concrete (polished and unpolished), cement, epoxy, polymer concrete, and armoured floors. Industrial Floor Cleaner can be used in various industrial operations such as floors in manufacturing halls, warehouses, logistic centres, workshops, hallways and corridors, basements, and more. In automotive industry, Industrial Floor Cleaner is used mostly in service workshops, warehouses, garages and parking lots, body shops, paint shops, and similar places. It is also used to clean ceramic tiles in industrial car washes for personal and commercial vehicles, buses, trains, and other mass transport vehicles.

  • Extra effective even on dried up deposits
  • Non-foaming formula for industrial cleaning
  • Removes fats, grease, tyre marks, aged soiling
  • Suitable for all types of industrial floor cleaners
Industrial Floor Cleaner 5L

Product Packing Size Order No.
Industrial Floor Cleaner 5L Canister 5 L 1 36419
Industrial Floor Cleaner 20L Canister 20 l 1 36420
Industrial Floor Cleaner 200L Barrel 200 l 1 36421
Industrial Floor Cleaner 1000L IBC container 1000 l 1 36422