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Technobond is a unique sealing and bonding material that bonds the majorityof materials.
It combines the advantages of silicone and acrylate sealing materials, withouthaving any of their disadvantages. It reduces the stock of varied types ofproducts and is a substitute for assembly glue, glue for wood, glue forpolystyrene, silicone sealing, sanitary sealing, acrylate sealing and butyleneglue, one product only instead of many.

Certificates / NFPA 130 Fire & Smoke:
ASTM E 162 – Material surface Flammability
ASTM E 662:2015 - Specific Optical Density of Smoke
ASTM E 1354:2015a - Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates
BSS 7239:1988 - Toxic gas generation

  • Bonding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Bonding of most varied combinations of materials
  • Bonding of structural elements
  • Bonding of spoilers and other plastic parts
  • Sealing of glass with excellent strength
  • Bonding of labels
  • Insulation of cooling plants
  • Bonding of metal sheets - no point welding required - no corrosion in the point of the weld - flexible bonding preventing access water, which can be painted
  • Application possible even under water
  • Supplied in either black, white and transparent

Technobond - Black

Product Packing Size Order No.
Technobond - Black Cartridge 290 ml 1 34452
Technobond - Grey Cartridge 290 ml 1 34453
Technobond - Black (400 ml) Sausage foil 400 ml 1 34448
Hand Gun - 1 R 34380
Technobond - White (400 ml) Sausage foil 400 ml 1 34449
Technobond - White Cartridge 290 ml 1 34454
Clear Nozzle 12 pieces sáček 12 ks R 34199S

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