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Dry Graphite Nano


Graphite-based dry grease.

RETECH DRY GRAPHITE NANO is a graphite-based dry grease, suitable for efficient greasing in very heavy conditions in heavy industry operations, mines, quarries, auto repair, for maintenance of trucks, cranes, forklifts, rail vehicles and more.RETECH DRY GRAPHITE NANO excels in its adhesiveness and high greasing properties even at high temperatures. It forms a very thing and pressure-resistant anti-corrosive nanofilm, does not attract dust and repels water.RETECH DRY GRAPHITE NANO is used to grease open gears and gearboxes, bearings, springs, threads, screws, nuts, joints, hinges, shafts, reels, conveyors, suspensions, ball and tenon joints and more. It is also suitable to treat industrial sealings and rubber components. It is also excellent to maintain firearms.

  • Excellent greasing properties of graphite nanoparticles
  • Very high pressure resistance
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • High temperature resistance
  • No graphite dust residue - no soiling
  • Very quick drying time
  • Excellent adhesion to Adhesion to a wide range of materials

Dry Graphite Nano