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Graphite Grease 3


Plastic grease with pure graphite powder for heavy duty operations.

Graphite Grease 3 is high-performance, black, water-resistant, plastic grease of medium consistency, containing pure graphite powder. It is designed for a wide range of applications in heavy duty conditions withstanding extreme mechanical pressure or shock load. Graphite Grease 3 has very high surface adhesiveness and can resist various weather conditions for long periods of time. The available packaging is either a 400 g cartridge, using a lever grease pump, or an 8 kg bucket, using a brush or spattle to apply.

  • High adhesiveness
  • Excellent greasing properties
  • High mechanical pressure and shock load resistance
  • Long-term resistance to water and dust particle penetration
  • Excellent rust protection
Graphite Grease 3 - 400 g